Posted 11.03.16


Work hard, play hard. All year, the staff and Partners at Polestar CM Inc. and 3rdLine.Studio grind hard to be in the top tier in our field. This year, the Staff Christmas Party got stepped up a notch. We hopped on a Party Bus at 3:30am on Sunday morning in order to make it to New Era Park (previously known as Ralph Wilson Stadium) in Buffalo to allow us ample time to enjoy the pregame tailgating festivities. After spending a couple of hours in the parking lot enjoying BBQ, cold drinks, and camaraderie, we entered the stadium to enjoy the game.


The game was vs the New England Patriots, and although it was close at the beginning, the Patriots pulled away. Final score:  41-25 NE.


After the game, we all packed back up into the party bus (which wasn’t very lively for the return trip) and ventured North, across the border and back to Sudbury. We arrived back home around 11:00pm. It was a whirlwind day and a lot of fun. Everyone had a blast and most importantly, everyone made it home safe!