Reich Kingsway Development

This project is developing approximately 33,000sf of new retail/ commercial space on the Kingsway Boulevard in Sudbury The project has included the negotiation/purchase of the land, severance of the property and the amendment to support the development of a new facility on the west end of the property. The project includes the development of a new furniture store “Diggs + Dwelling”.

Our Services have included the architectural design, engineering and construction management of the project. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled for occupancy March 2016.

Vrancor Developments

Polestar CM Inc. was retained to provide an assessment of compliance with Ontario Building Code and architectural drawings, as well as identify deficiencies and cost implications for legal counsel. Polestar CM Inc. was the expert witness in court on behalf of the owners.

Crosstown Chevrolet Expansion

Extensive renovations have been designed as a phased project approach to the existing two(2) story building structure. Detailed phasing and demolition plans were developed to document construction activities within the existing building during operation. These plans articulated existing construction assemblies and extent of removal. All work was planned and executed to keep facilities operational throughout the project life-cycle. Redevelopment of the dealership included the following program areas: Showroom, Administrative Offices, Parts Storage and Service Bays.